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Take Your Stay up a Notch with a Unique Lodging Experience

If you're planning a trip to Melbourne, plenty of places to explore and experiences to enjoy are waiting there. Of course, you'll also need to find a place to stay during the visit. Plenty of options are available in and around the city from sprawling, luxury accommodations to smaller, budget hotels and everything in between. Some are privately owned whereas others are members of nationwide chains. Multinational names make their way onto the list as well, such as Hyatt and Hilton.

Looking into the Norm

Though all those places certainly have their strong suits and popular selling points, not all of them live up to guests' expectations. Some radiate a stuffy air while others simply don't stand out in the crowd. Those who want an entirely different lodging experience may want to think about making reservations from a new angle, one that's anything but cold or boring.

Stepping Outside the Box

From local chains to international ones, traditional hotels tend to have a number of things in common. Some might say there are far too many common elements across the board whether they're outrageously luxurious or insanely standard. A Boutique Hotel is anything but typical, offering features and amenities far beyond the usual accommodations.

Melbourne's Own Contribution to the Boutique World

Treasury on Collins certainly isn't a typical chain hotel. It's an independently owned alternative. Located at the intersection of Collins and Queen Streets, it offers access to all the sights, locales and attractions visitors come to Melbourne to experience. It's housed in the former Bank of Australasia building originally built in 1876. A historical exterior gives way to an ultramodern interior offering unending charm and appeal.

With only 95 rooms, this boutique establishment is much smaller than the average hotel. Keep in mind, this isn't a negative by any means. Serving only a limited number of people at any given time means friendly, knowledgeable and experienced staff members able to give each guest the attention he or she deserves. This is meant to be evident in every aspect of service, from foods and beverages to housekeeping and beyond.

Elegant-yet-contemporary apartment suites offer plenty of space to stretch out, but they're also fully functional. Equipped with laundry facilities, kitchens, living areas, sleeping quarters and several other features, they're perfectly suited to comfortable extended stays. Aside from that, they come with free wifi and movies as well as a number of other amenities.

Consider stepping outside the box and enjoying a boutique hotel in Melbourne during your stay. You won't find more personality or personalized service with any of the standard options. You're sure to be met with a number of pleasant surprises as well.